Company Registration In Nigeria 2020

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Avoidance of Personal Liabilities and Risks

ncorporating your business eliminates most of your personal liability and risks. The extent of your liability is tied to the number of shares you hold in the company. Your personal assets cannot be seized to repay the debts owed by your business and you cannot be held responsible for the debts unless you had personally guaranteed the debt/loan. Your incorporated business is a separate legal entity.

Legal Protection

Once your business is registered or incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission, your business name is protected and nobody can use the same name or even a name that is similar to it throughout Nigeria. This has the benefit of legally protecting your corporate image and business name from passoff or unauthorized use.

Corporate Bank Account

Operating a business bank account is an important asset to your business because it enables you separate personal activities from business activities. You need to provide proof that your business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission to open a corporate bank account in Nigeria. It is more professional to give your clients a corporate bank name for payment instead of your personal name.

Public Perception & Brand Credibility

Registering your company enhances your brand image credibility and perception of your business. This has the effect of improving your business future dealings with third parties, as many businesses will only hire or engage with registered companies rather than individuals. Incorporating a business can therefore open up new vistas and opportunities that would otherwise not be available.

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Frequently asked questions

Registering a company in Nigeria has now become easier due to the technological innovations deployed by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Over the years we have assisted hundreds of Entrepreneurs register their businesses and in the course of our interactions we have come across different questions and requests. In this article we try to provide answers to Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Company Registration in Nigeria, we have also added a video which details our Company registration process.

There are two common options to be considered when starting a business. You can either register it as a Business Name or incorporate a Limited Liability Company with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Ability to open a Corporate Accounts, Customers/Clients take you more serious if your Company is registered, Banks only grant business loans to registered businesses, Your Company becomes your brand, Investors are more comfortable with a registered business.

A Business Name is usually used for Sole Proprietorships (One Man Business) whilst a Limited Liability Company is owned by Shareholders and as the name implies their liability/ dividends are limited to the shares they own in the company. The image below shows some key differences between a Business Name and a Limited Liability.

Yes, you can open a Corporate Bank Account with your Business Name.

Yes, you can convert your Business Name to a Limited Liability Company. It is to be noted that the process of conversions cost more money and takes a longer time.

Yes, you can convert your Business Name to a Limited Liability Company. It is to be noted that the process of conversions cost more money and takes a longer time.

CAC now allows individuals to register Business Names by themselves, however Naija Branding  saves you the headache with our affordable and reliable Business Name  registration package. Still want to do it yourself? See process below

  1. Check for availability of proposed company name 
  • After name has been approved, use the availability code to start process of registration and fill all necessary forms on the Company Registration Portal
  • Pay filing fees  
  • Upload signed forms, valid IDs of all Proprietors and evidence of payment of filing fees.
  • Submit the original copies of the documents uploaded at step 5 to the CAC office you selected for collection in exchange for your Certificate and the Certified True copies of the documents.

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